1. When can I expect my order

After we confirm the payment of your order,

Handling time: To shipping in 48 hours

Delivery time: a. China post 10-20 days  b. EMS 5-15 days  c. DHL 3-6 days.


2. Which payment options we provide?

Credit card: 1. VISA  2. MasterCard  3. JCB

Bank transfer: please email us to get the payment information. We can offer 10% off.

Paypal transfer: please email us to get the payment information. We can offer 5% off.


3. How can I know my payment is received or not

A. Once your payment is received, you will get a confirm email from us, or you can check your order status by My Account >  All Orders

B. If you cannot check your order status or don't receive the confirmation email, please email us. We will help you.


4. Why my credit card unable to pay

Incorrect information:

1. Please ensure the card you use is JCB, MasterCard or VISA

2. Please ensure to enter a correct credit card number. Shipping address should same as billing address.

The bank refused / Transaction declined by the bank. / Declined by issuing bank

Please call your bank and tell them about that. Cause as we know, some bank might refuse to transfer money to China Bank Account.

Not sufficient funds

Please make sure your account have enough money for the order, our site accept Euros only.  Your bank might charge you International exchange rate, so please made sure your account have more money than your order total .   


We have 2 kinds of Credit Card payment channel. If the Channel 1 dose not work, You can try Channel 2, Please try several times, sometimes it will work after several try.


5. Why I pay more for my orders

First, We confirm that we only charge the total amount of your order.

Second, the reason may be you don’ t pay in EURO for our site accepts EURO only.

Or, it’ s charged by your bank for exchange rate, you can call the bank and ask about the extra payment.  


6. Can I change my order after I have submitted?

Before your order shipped, You can change your order details, but the handling time of your order might takes longer. To ensure smooth delivery, please confirm your order details and contact details before submitting an order.

After your order shipped, we are unable to change your order details.


7. How to cancel my order

If you really want to cancel, hope you can inform us in 2 days. Because if we have shipped your order, it is hard to stop transport. Therefore, hope you can understand.


8. How do i track my order

Please email us to get the tracking number.

Track site: http://www.17track.net/en


9. Problem With the jersey I got

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, and without personalized, you may return your item to us in 365 days from the receipt of the parcel to get a full refund. Please email us with your order number and reason of return.

If your jersey with personalized, it can not be returned, Please understanding .


10. Parcel seized by the customs

Don’ t worry! We get the delivery guarantee for you. If your package is lost or seized by the customs during delivery, we will ship a replacement to you for free! Please email us.


11. How to do with customs fees

Usually no chance of tariffs, tariff appears only 3%. If it unfortunately needs the customs fees, we are so sorry. Because our profits is very low, we don’t bear the customs fees. hope your understanding.


12. If I buy more, can i get discount

If your order exceeds 500 euros, can enjoy 30% discount and free shipping. If you intend to purchase in bulk for long time, we can offer you 40% discount and free shipping. Want to learn more, please email us.